What does the 2017 General Election mean for education?

It can’t have escaped your attention that we recently had a General Election. At School Mailings, we pride ourselves on being first to update you with key changes which may ultimately impact on schools and education suppliers.

That has proved a little tricky this time around since we were left with a minority government and some uncertainty around what the future held. At the time of writing this blog, the uncertainty remains, but for now we are going to assume that a Conservative government will be in power and will look to implement their manifesto promises during the course of this Parliament.

So, with that in mind, we look at what changes may be made to education over the next few years. Here is your step by step guide…

  1. There has been a pledge to put an extra £4 billion into education by 2022.
  2. The new government aims to open up 100 new Free Schools each year
  3. A specialist Maths school is expected to be opened in every city
  4. T Levels will be introduced as part of a huge overhaul of Technical Education. The aim of these is to provide young people with a clear pathway into employment
  5. The new national funding formula will be changed to ensure no school sees it’s budget reduced
  6. All 11 year olds will be expected to know their time tables off by heart

…and there you have it.

I hope this rundown has proved useful.

As a brief sub-note to this blog, I should mention that the version you are reading has already been updated since the Queen’s Speech. There had been suggestions around the creation of new Grammar Schools, and the scrapping of Universal School Meals. Neither of these were mentioned so for now we will assume these ideas are on hold.

As and when new legislation is announced, School Mailings will be here to let you know.



Michael McVerry


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