Survive the Email Marketing Boardroom

So it’s that time of year again – new suits bought, shirts ironed, shoes polished, business clichés revised – yes, The Apprentice is back tonight!

If, like us, when you’re glued to your TV every Wednesday night for the next two months you’ll no doubt be doing the same as us… wondering how on earth some of the candidates made it onto the show, debating about whether the receptionist is a real receptionist, trying to guess from the previews who Lord Sugar will fire next, shouting “what are you doing?!” every week, and of course knowing that we could do all of the tasks much better ourselves!

Of course the reason we watch The Apprentice is not for the business lessons, but for the entertainment. Those classic moments that will go down in TV history – I mean who could ever forget ‘Pants Man’ or Lee McQueen’s ‘Reverse Pterodactyl’ impression!

I think you’ll agree, one of the best things about The Apprentice is the cringeworthy things the candidates say – pure entertainment gold. I mean, how many times each episode do we all cringe and groan, “oh no, did s/he actually just say that?”



Why is it, we wonder, that successful and respected businessmen and women fall to pieces when they become project manager? Why is it that they are so desperate to say something memorable in the boardroom?

Similar to email marketing I suppose, candidates want to stand out, they want to get noticed, they want Lord Sugar to invest in them.

With almost five billion email accounts in the world and 100 billion sales emails sent daily, of course you need to stand out. The problem with The Apprentice though is that the candidates sometimes stand out for the wrong reasons!

Because we don’t want your email marketing to stand out for the wrong reasons, we’ve taken some tips from past candidates and from Lord Sugar himself, and have come up with the following tips on how to survive the email marketing boardroom:

1.  SSSHHH DON’T SHOUT! Never write your emails all in capitals. Just don’t do it.


2.  Avoid too much punctuation!!!!??!!! This can be very off-putting and detracts from the real message in your email.


3.  Don’t make things up. If you can’t back it up then just don’t say it – you will get caught out!


4.  Don’t make mistakes – how many times have we heard a candidate call a customer the wrong name? If you’re going to personalise your email, make sure your data is correct. After all, why would anyone take you seriously if you call them by the wrong name?


5.  Don’t waffle. How many times do you hear Lord Sugar say, “Oh just shut up!” Large chunks of text are rarely read all the way through – keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Visit our education insights for advice on creating a great email.


6.  Don’t undervalue your subject line. This is a crucial part of your email. It needs to entice readers to open the email. Remember – it’s no good having a fantastic email if no-one opens it in the first place. Read our guide to writing the perfect subject line.


7.  Make sure your email has a clear purpose. What do you want your readers to do? Think carefully about what you want the outcome of your email to be and make sure this is clear.


8.  Remember that it’s not all about you. Focus on your customer – what can you do for them? What are the benefits for them? Why should they buy your product?


9.  Know your stuff and live up to expectations. Why is it that so many candidates talk the talk but don’t walk the walk? If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it! If you say your company is something, make sure it is!


10.  Always be prepared. You’ll soon receive enquiries from the emails you’ve sent – being prepared for this is key. Provide good customer service and respond to them as soon as possible to maximise your chance of getting an order.


And finally, please remember going forward to always put 110% into your blue-sky thinking, step up to the plate and be a go-getter, make sure you touch all bases, and drill down into the key details of your campaign. Because the bottom line is, if you do all this and don’t drop the ball, you’ll always be in a win-win situation and you’re sure to get hired!


Seriously though, if you follow our tips you can’t go far wrong with your email marketing to schools. And if you’re ever unsure what to do or what to say in your email marketing to schools, the School Mailings team are always on hand to help.

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