What to ask your School Email Database supplier

There’s a lot to think about when planning to buy a school email database, and a lot of options. It’s important to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best service and the best data for your money.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key things to ask when you’re looking for your school email database supplier:

How accurate is your data?

school email databaseFirst impressions count for a lot so imagine if you got your target’s name wrong, or their job title wrong, or imagine if your email didn’t even reach them due to the email address being wrong…

That’s why the data on your school email database needs to be accurate.

Accurate data means you can send your marketing campaigns to schools and teachers, knowing exactly who you’re sending it to, and
knowing they will receive it.

Ask your data supplier about their accuracy rates and if they offer an accuracy guarantee – any decent data supplier will do this.

Here at School Mailings we pride ourselves on providing highly accurate data that ensures your marketing reaches the person you want it to. We’re proud to offer an email data accuracy guarantee of 97% and a postal accuracy guarantee of 99%.

How, you might wonder? We have an experienced team of 12 data managers whose sole job is to review, refresh and update our schools data on a daily basis.

How much schools data do you have?

The amount of data on your own school email database will depend on what you decide to include – you may choose to include all UK schools, just secondary schools, or just schools in a certain region.

school email databaseWhat is important is knowing that you have the largest possible amount of schools data to choose from. It also helps if your data supplier provides flexible and bespoke data packages which allow you to purchase only the data you need.

School Mailings have the largest schools database in the UK.
As of November 2017, we have 29,934 UK schools, with 417,560 named teachers and decision makers in 105 different job titles.

So whether it’s head teachers in all UK schools, chemistry teachers in the East Midlands, SENCOs in Scotland or business managers within 30 miles of Manchester – we can help you to choose the exact data you need for your marketing campaign and add it all to your personal school email database.

Find out more about the job titles we can provide data for and choose your target teacher or decision maker now. If you’re unsure who you want to target, read more here about choosing the perfect mailing list.

How often do you update your data?

school email databaseOne of the questions we always get asked is how often our schools data is updated.

Unlike some data suppliers who only update their schools data when it has already decayed or only update it once a year, we proactively check and update our data on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

This means your schools data remains at the same high level of accuracy throughout the year. This is perfect if you’re planning to run ongoing marketing campaigns.

Remember – with a School Mailings database, you get access to the live updated data as many times as you want for 12 whole months.

school email database

Is your school email database easy to use?

Once you’ve chosen the data for your school email database, you need this data to be easy to access and easy to use. With a large amount of data on your school email database, it’s essential to be able to sort and filter the data for use in your various marketing communications.

When your school email database is ready, we will email you a link to your own online account. On here, you will be able to quickly access and download your data as well as easily contact us with any questions.

What do you know about UK schools?

school email databaseYou might wonder why this matters – after all you’re just buying an email database aren’t you?

Well, you wouldn’t get your hair cut by someones who’s never picked up a pair of scissors would you? Then why buy a school email database from a company that knows nothing about UK schools?

Our knowledge of the UK education sector and schools means we understand what data our clients need, we understand the key times for staff and data changes and ensure our data team stay on top of this, and we can provide a wealth of advice about how to use your data to run a successful marketing campaign to schools.

Find out more about us and check out our education insights.

And that’s it really – I hope that’s been helpful.

I guess the most important point from all this is to make sure you’re happy with your data supplier and trust in the data they’re providing you with. If they can give you good answers to all of the questions above, that is a good starting point!

You can always get in touch with us to find out more about us and how we can provide the school email database you need.



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