Post Campaign Analysis

Once your campaign has been sent, it’s important to understand how well it has performed. This is great for helping to plan follow up campaigns and future campaigns.

We will use our sophisticated email marketing software to let you know the key information from your campaign.

Your Email Campaign Manager will provide guidance and suggestions as to which reporting options will be of most benefit to you. Your options include:

Seven day report

A detailed report showing the overall performance of your campaign, including:

You can use this to analyse the success of your campaign, use it to measure your return on investment and to inform ongoing and future marketing activities.

Top Prospects Database

The value of knowing exactly who has shown an interest in your product or service is immense. Your top prospects database will include details of everyone who opened and clicked on your email.

You can use your top prospects database to:

Heat Maps

Our heat maps can help you to identify exactly what is working in your email. This is great to inform future email marketing campaigns.

You will see:

  • Which links your readers have clicked on
  • How much of your email they have read
  • Which links or calls to action have worked best
  • Which placement of links has worked best

Postcode Heat Maps

Our postcode heat maps will show you exactly where in the UK your email has seen the most success. Imagine finding out that a certain area of the UK is hugely engaged with your campaign – it’s a fantastic way to inform future targeted marketing strategies.


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