How to find and use a list of school email addresses

I’ve just turned 40.

People often say that ‘Life Begins at 40.’

For me, it brought a great dose of man flu and a struggle to power my way through the various social events I had arranged to mark this auspicious occasion. Family gatherings, meals with friends and a lovely spa break were all ruined by this most dreaded of afflictions. I powered on through like a trooper but I must admit the enjoyment was tempered a little by my illness.

Aside from that, my 40th birthday did give me the opportunity to reflect on my life so far. I’m not so egotistical as to share every moment of my life here, but when any of us sits down and thinks back, it’s amazing how many experiences we go through in life. From the mundane events of education and careers, to the life changing moments of children and marriages, and the more worrying incidents of being (wrongly) arrested for breaking and entering, life certainly changes at a pace.

I wonder, if a company held data on me, would they be able to keep up? Elements of my life that have changed include;

  • My age
  • My home address
  • My relationship status
  • My parental status
  • My income
  • My hobbies
  • … and many more

It’s no easy task to keep up with a person’s life circumstance, even if they give you permission.

Thankfully, education data is a little easier to keep up with.

If you’re looking for a list of school email addresses, or any other education data, you still need to be sure it is well researched and accurate. Schools open and close, head teachers change and teachers move on. You need to be sure that you are accessing data that is keeping up with these changes.

So, if you are looking to access a new education database, some questions you should ask your education data provider;

  • How often do they update their data?
  • Do they offer any accuracy guarantees?
  • Are live updates available with this data?

Good education data providers will have no issue with answering these questions.

What to do with your list of school email addresses

Once you’re happy that your education data provider can provide the data you need, you need to think about how you will manage your data list and plan your marketing campaigns carefully. Firing out emails to every single email address on your list might seem like a good idea, but experience tells us that this is possibly not the ideal approach. A good email marketing campaign takes planning – whether you’re running it yourself with your purchased list of school email addresses, or whether your education data supplier is running it on your behalf. You need to think about:

  • The objective of your campaign
    What do you want the teacher or decision maker to do? Make sure this is clear.
  • What to write in your email
    You need to grab the reader’s attention immediately and give them a reason to want to keep reading. Think about whether you want to send the same email content to every contact on your database, or tailor the email specifically for certain targets. Consider using A/B content testing, personalised content and even dynamic content.
  • When to send your email campaign
    Believe it or not, there are certain times and days when email marketing campaigns work better than others, so it’s a good idea to look into this before sending your email. Of course, the days and times do vary depending on the industry you’re in and what your campaign is about. Read our Top Trends for Email Marketing to Schools here.
  • Your email subject line
    The key thing is to get teachers and decision makers to open your email. Your subject line needs to catch their attention and interest them so they are keen to open your email and find out more. In our experience, four to six word subject lines work best – read more here.

What next?

If you’re looking for a list of school email addresses, or thinking of running an email marketing campaign to schools and teachers, just give me a call on 01257 460036 or email



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