How investing in your content can increase your engagement rates by 44%…

You want to start marketing to the UK education sector, but you don’t know where to start.

Who do you target? How do you contact them? When do you contact them? And what are you going to say when you do?

Worryingly, while the last question is arguably the most important when it comes to any effective marketing strategy, it is often the last consideration for many organisations.

For over 20 years, School Mailings have been effectively and successfully answering the first three questions. You can read our Education Insights, or speak to one of our Education Marketing Experts to learn how and when to target the right audience for your needs. But if you really want to start successfully marketing to the UK education sector, you’ll need to have a brilliant answer to that final question.

On average, business to business marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget to content (Content Marketing Institute 2015), but the percentage of marketers who feel confident in their organisation’s ability to produce effective content is falling.

Marketing to the UK education sector

Today’s buyers are savvier than ever. The average reader will engage with three to five pieces of content before directly engaging with your brand. So, ensuring that this content is consistently great is definitely important.

With data for 427,000 teachers and school decision makers in the UK, we can put your message in front of the right person at the right time. But are you sure what, exactly, that message should be? And can you succinctly summarise that message in fewer than 400 words*?

In other words, what content is going to best engage and interest your audience? And how do you convey that content in a way that ensures they understand both what you are offering, and its benefits, in under eight seconds (the average length of time readers spend assessing your content before taking action)?

You know the benefits of what you are offering, but do you know how to quickly explain them to someone who isn’t familiar with your brand?

Sending poorly written, overly technical, or irrelevant messages to your target audience is a great way to promote your competitors’ services, so why aren’t marketers putting more effort into ensuring that they only send quality content?

Often the answer is simply resources. Not every business has the inhouse knowledge and expertise to produce high quality engaging content every time.

Marketing to the UK education sectorFortunately, we do. If you are struggling with any aspect of your content creation, we can help.

Our email copywriting service can assist in developing high quality email content, which delivers optimal engagement. We’ll consult with you to develop an effective approach to tie in with your overall content marketing strategy, and give advice specific to the UK education sector.


Marketing to the UK education sectorWhen you choose us to write your email for you, you’ll be assigned your own content creation expert. Trained and experienced in producing quality copy for a digital audience, they will consult with you on the aims and purpose of your campaign, and your brand’s tone of voice. They will spend time studying any relevant marketing literature and web content, before producing a targeted message with a focus on effective calls to action.


Wondering what difference quality content makes to your marketing? Well, on average, emails written by us achieve 44% higher click through rates!

So, if you want to start marketing to the UK education sector, and achieve real results, make sure you invest in your content.




Sarah Jackson

Email Campaign Manager

I work closely with our clients to manage their email marketing campaigns. If you don’t know your pre-header from your call to action, your A/B test from your autoresponder, I am here to help. Contact me at

*Our most recent analysis of over 1,000 emails showed that a word count of 250 – 350 words is most effective in achieving high engagement levels.

School counts correct as of blog date. Please see our most recent data counts here.

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