Create the Right Content to Increase your Email Engagement Rates

img1 In one of my recent diaries, I touched on the idea of how content influences click through rates in an email marketing campaign. Now, I’d like to explore how you can use this information when planning your email marketing to education strategy.

In a world of busy inboxes, stuffed with ‘special offers’ and sales messages, how will you make sure you really stand out?

The answer is simple: Good Content

How to achieve this is a little more challenging.
How do you decide…


And how do you know what is going to work?


img3Make use of email marketing insights

The statistics I shared in my diary are a good starting point.

We know, for example, that survey links attract clicks. People love to share their opinions, and they may just love you for asking! Is there a way you can build a survey into your email marketing to education strategy? Getting to know your audience better will help you to provide them with relevant content in the future, and is an excellent place to start building that all important relationship.




We also know that invitations work well. Do you have an event planned as a part of your wider marketing strategy? Send out a personalised invitation and watch your click through rate rise.





If neither of these options works for you, and you’re sending out an email to promote a specific service or product, be creative about how you present this.


Add value for your reader

Your email content should add value for the reader beyond whatever it is you are promoting.


img6Use popular culture and real world events to connect with your audience. Give them information they will be interested in reading, and use your unique brand identity and voice to let them get to know you.



img7Build targeted video content into your marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd, and share this across all channels, including email.


img8Share your identity and voice through industry insights. Show your readers who you are, and what you know, while helping them to better understand your industry.


img9Competitions and special offers are a great way to engage readers, but only if they are genuine. Savvy readers will send you straight to junk if they suspect you aren’t being completely straight with them.



Build trust in your brand

Consumers are more informed than ever. Online reviews, comparison sites and forums are all just a click away. They can access all the information they need to research and make an informed decision about purchases. And they do. Half of all consumers no longer trust what they are told. They want to find out for themselves. It is really valuable to build in links to trusted external sources to support your message.

Ultimately, you need to shape your marketing strategy to include strong, engaging content which will allow you to develop a relationship with your reader that leads to trust.

If people find your emails interesting, they will read them. The more they read and engage with your message, whatever that message may be, the more likely they are to choose you when they decide to make that all important purchase.

Email is strongest when used as a branding tool, rather than a sales tool. Don’t be a pushy door-to-door salesman. Play the long game, build trust, and nurture meaningful relationships, and your marketing strategy will pay off!

You can make use of some of our email marketing insights here to help develop the perfect email campaign.

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