Your UK Head Teachers List – A Great Starting Point for Schools Marketing

Wondering who to target your schools marketing at? Well, stop wondering now – our UK head teachers list is a fantastic starting point.

Want to know why?
In most schools, the ultimate decision when it comes to purchasing and budgets is down to the head teachers.

They often meet with school governing bodies to make budget plans and coordinate departmental budget allocations, as well as working with teachers and other staff members to approve planned purchases and spending.

According to our research, 70% of head teachers can personally approve up to £5,000 of spending, with a further 17% having the power to approve up to £50,000!

That’s why using our UK head teachers list is a great way to start your schools marketing.

Not only do head teachers have most control over spending and budgets but they also know exactly what everyone else in school is responsible for. This means they can direct your marketing activity to the correct person and seriously influence purchasing decisions at all levels.

Basically, if you can get the head teacher on board with your marketing then you’re onto a winner!

As with all school staff though, head teachers do come and go so you need to make sure your head teachers list is up to date before you start any marketing activity.

That’s where School Mailings come in – we can supply head teacher data for all 30,000 UK schools on our schools data file.

But why choose School Mailings for your UK head teachers list? Here’s why…

We have the largest data management team in the industry
Our team of 12 data managers are solely dedicated to ensuring all of our schools data is constantly accurate and up to date. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 99% data accuracy guarantee on all of our schools data.

We offer a wide variety of data packages so you’re certain to get the exact data you need
Our bespoke schools data packages allow you to build your own school mailing list to your exact requirements – be it by level or type of school, location of school or even specific teachers.

We have 18 years of experience in education and education marketing
We have a talented and experienced team of ex-teachers, marketing professionals, designers and data managers all working to make your schools marketing a success. Meet the team here.

Get your UK head teachers list now

Contact me now on 01257 460036 or email to get your UK head teachers list and start your marketing to schools journey now.

Not sure if a head teachers list is what you need?
Don’t forget that as well as head teachers, we can also help you to contact over 80 other job titles of decision makers and teachers in UK schools. Take a look at our who we collect data for here – we’re sure to have the one you need and can help you to build your perfect schools mailing list.

You can also read some more advice here about how to choose your perfect schools mailing list.

What next?
1. Find out more about our schools data.
2. Read more advice about choosing your perfect schools mailing list.
3. Contact me now for a chat about your head teachers list. Call 01257 460036 or email



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