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Direct Mail Service

Do you provide a print and postal service?

We certainly do. Full details can be found here.

Can direct mail be addressed to a named contact?

Yes – and we would advise that you do this. Personalised content will always outperform generic content.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes – we will work flexibly to fit into your requirements. If you need us to print and mail, we can do this. If you simply need a mail fulfilment service, we can do this too.

How does a direct mail service work?

One of our helpful campaign team can work with you on this, but the best way to see the process is to view this helpful pdf.

UK Schools Data

How is your data supplied?

Data is supplied via a live data portal, where you will get ongoing access to updates as they are made by our team of data managers. You can export your data file in spreadsheet format each time you need to use it.

How do I access the data file?

When you login to your account, you simply click the download button, and your file will export automatically to your desktop or anywhere else you wish to save it.

How accurate is your data?

We guarantee our data to 99% postal accuracy, 97% email accuracy and 90% named contact accuracy. Full details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Can you provide direct email addresses for schools and staff?

We’re afraid not. Under the terms by which we collect data from teachers and decision makers, we are not permitted to share their direct email addresses. However, we can email them on your behalf. You can find out more about our Managed Email Sends to Teachers here.

How many times can I use the data within the licence period?

Unless otherwise agreed, all data is supplied on multi-use rental.

What happens when my subscription period has ended?

We will contact you before the end of your licence period to remind you the data licence is about to expire. At this time, we will give you the option of resubscribing. If you choose not to, you will no longer be licensed to use the data.

At what point does the data become owned by me?

The data is licensed to you by School Mailings and will always remain the property of School Mailings. However, under licence, you are permitted to use the data on a multi-use basis.

Do you offer a data accuracy guarantee?

We guarantee our data to 99% postal accuracy, 97% email accuracy and 90% named contact accuracy. Full details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

How much data is included on your database?

We build your database to suit your requirements, whether you need a very specific selection of schools in a certain area, or access to all UK Schools.

Can I choose certain schools or teachers?

Absolutely. It’s crucial to target your marketing to the correct decision maker. We collect data for all types of UK Schools and for over 100 Job Titles.

How should I choose my data?

You can speak with your Campaign Manager to discuss the data that will best suit the aims of your campaign.

What information is included in my database?

This will be determined by your requirements. Only need postal data? No problem. Need all available data? No problem. Discuss with your Campaign Manager and they will help you create your bespoke database.

How do I know the data is accurate?

Our data accuracy guarantee is built into our Terms and Conditions, and you can view Case Studies from some of our happy clients here. IF you’re still not sure, ask your Campaign Manager for a data sample. Quite simply, since 1997, we have worked with some of the biggest brands around on the marketing campaigns. Apple, ITV, BBC and many more trust our data.

How often is your data updated, is it opt in?

Our team of 12 data managers update the data on a daily basis and all changes are reflected in the database as soon as they have been approved by our data controller. Data supplied by teachers and schools is opt-in, and they have the option to opt-out at any time.

What are your timescales on data supply?

We can supply data within one hour. Upon confirmation of your order, your account manager will talk you through the simple steps to access your data and start marketing to schools.

What is included in supplementary data?

Supplementary data includes fields such as numbers on roll, religious affiliation, type of school, % of students on free school meals and more.

If I want to add more schools / extra channels at a later date how much will this cost?

It will depend on the volumes of data you are adding. Your Campaign Manager can discuss this with you.

How are you preparing for GDPR?

We will be releasing further details about how we are GDPR compliant throughout 2017 and 2018. Feel free to ask your Campaign Manager about GDPR and how it impacts your business.

Email Marketing Service

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and is the recognised format for sending email campaigns. Our Campaign team are experienced in creating HTML emails and can help you through this process.

Who does the email come from? Does it come from me?

The email comes from your organisation. As far as the recipient is concerned, they don’t know that School Mailings is involved in the send at all.

How long does it take to design an email?

Typically, you should add two to three working days for the email design process.

How do I know if you have sent my campaign?

We will email you as soon as send begins.

What does an email report contain?

Your basic analytics report will detail the open and click through rates.

What do open and click through rates mean?

An open signifies that someone has seen your email and opened it. A click refers to the action a reader takes when they click on a link within the email.

What’s the difference between a hard and soft bounce?

Hard bounces occur when an email address is incorrect and the email cannot be delivered. Soft bounces occur for a range of reasons, but the email address is correct. The mailbox could be full, the content of an email could cause it to bounce, and so on.

What format should I send my email content in?

It’s entirely up to you. An HTML file is preferable, but we can work with PDFs, JPEGs, Word documents and more.

What guidelines should I design my email to?

Your Campaign Manager will discuss this with you and tell you the best way to design your emails.

Do you offer an email delivery guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee a 95% inbox delivery rate. If we fail to meet this, we will resend your email free of charge.

Can I design my own email?

Absolutely. We can accept your HTML files, or take your pre designed pdf / jpeg / word document and create the HTML version for you.

Can you write my email for me?

Yes we can. You can find out more about our copywriting service here

Will my email be delivered?

Yes it will. We work tirelessly to monitor our IP and domain reputations. We also offer a 95% inbox delivery guarantee, and will resend your email free of charge should we fail to meet this.

Which teachers can I email?

We collect data for over 100 job titles. Take a look at Who We Collect Data For here.

Where does my email get sent to?

Wherever you want it to. We can email over 400,000 teachers across more than 100 job titles. Tell us who you want to target and we will work with you to deliver a campaign that fits your requirements.

Why would I use your email service when I can just buy the data to do it myself?

We can email the inbox of teachers and decision makers. Our team of 12 data managers work tirelessly to keep this data clean. You could do this yourself but our aim is to save you time and money.

Can you advise me about the content of my email?

We can. Feel free to call one of our Campaign Managers to ask them for advice. Alternatively, visit our Education Insights page where you can get tips and insights to help make the most of your marketing campaign.

What are the timescales on email campaigns – with/without design?

Typically, we need four to five days to design and send an email, or two to three days if you are supplying designed content to us.

Can I attach files to my email?

No, this can cause delivery issues. However, we can place links within the email to your key documents. Not only does this aid delivery, we can also report back to you on the volume of these links clicked.

Are the list of schools emailed included in the cost?

No. We can include them but this incurs an additional cost.


Do you understand how schools work?

Of course. We have been an education marketing agency since 1997, and are led by a former teacher. We keep up to date with education developments and know schools inside out.

Do you have any knowledge of schools and education?

We sure do. Founded by a former teacher, and with a combined six years of education marketing experience, we know what works. Visit our Education Insights page to find out more.

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