Why do teachers go click crazy on a Monday?

There was a perceived wisdom many years ago that you should only email teachers on a Tuesday or Wednesday. There was no real basis for this other than the perception that they were too busy on a Monday to read them, and looking forward to the weekend on a Thursday or Friday so wouldn’t read them then. We have long since disagreed with this.

But before we disprove this myth again, just think about something. Schools are becoming ever more paperless by the day. Emails fly back and forth between teachers in schools almost constantly. The idea that they don’t read these on a Monday, Thursday or Friday just doesn’t make sense. There are communications related to meetings, children, parents, government policy and more. These are sent at all times of the day, on all days of the week. Let’s be clear, teachers need to read emails. And your email will take no greater or lesser priority in the inbox than any other. They arrive when they arrive.

email teachersNow that we know this, think about what you want to achieve from an email campaign to schools. 90% of our clients are looking for sales – after all, without sales you don’t have a business. However, there’s a process to go through here. People don’t ‘just buy’ off emails anymore.

I remember many years ago, I wrote some (with the benefit of hindsight) pretty average teaching resources. I sent an email to Secondary Schools and got about £5,000 worth of business. I had no website, no call to action, and no idea. However, as I was an early adopter of email marketing, I was able to secure sales simply by using this channel. Unfortunately those days are gone, however you can still successfully market to schools by email.

School Mailings TeamBefore you put pen to paper on an email campaign, ask yourself what you want the reader to do. Are you offering a free download, do you want them to arrange a meeting, should they pick up the phone and call you? Whatever you want them to do, tell them and make it easy for them.

What to think about when you email teachers…

My team of expert Campaign Managers have worked hard recently to gather the key information you need to successfully email teachers and schools.

Bear this in mind when considering the aims of your email:
email teachers

If you really want teachers to read your email, incentivise them with a competition or invite them to an event.

Now let’s go a stage further with this.

What will make teachers open your email?

Three to five words in a subject line sees higher open rates than longer subject lines. And surprisingly, the word ‘Free’ in a subject line sees a 17.23% rise in open rates.

And when will they open or engage with your email?

email teachers

Top Trends 2018In fact, click through rates on a Monday show a 19% increase when compared with the rest of the week averages.

So, it’s true. Teachers do go a little click crazy on a Monday.

If you enjoyed these brief facts, you’ll love our new Top Trends document. It’s packed full of information, designed to help you successfully email teachers and schools. Download it now.



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