Email Marketing for Education – Getting it Right

Is email marketing for education a good investment?


No other marketing tool works harder in terms of return on investment than email.

In 2016, over 50% of UK marketers reported more than £10 return for every £1 invested in email marketing (Skip Fidura – Dot Mailer Roadshow 2017).

And we know that year on year, engagement with marketing emails continues to grow.

Making the most of email when marketing to schools

The world of email marketing is changing at an astonishing pace. And at the same time, the UK education landscape is shifting. So when it comes to email marketing for education, it’s a good idea to regularly revisit your strategy to make sure it reflects all the latest developments.

Read the news
Email marketing for education
Stay on top of education news that relates to your business. Would schools be able to use PE Premium Funding to pay for your services? Can you help them meet their obligations with regards to Prevent Duty? Or is the latest focus on Mental Health in children an opportunity for you to start a conversation with school decision makers? Whatever you are offering, email marketing for education requires a knowledge of the demands and limitations within that sector, and
School Mailings can help you with that.

Recognise the differences in email marketing for education
For the uninitiated, email marketing is another terrain which can be difficult to navigate. Do you understand the importance of domain and IP reputations? Is it a good idea to include video content in an email? What does a ‘good’ marketing email look like? And should you be making use of automation?

Even if you have a good grasp of the basics, email marketing for education can be quite different to other types of email marketing for a number of reasons.

Are you sending your emails at 11am or 3pm because conventional wisdom tells you they are the best sending times for marketing emails? After analysing our stats, we know that the peak times for email engagement in schools are around 8:30am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm.

Email marketing for education

Likewise, while the rest of the world has made a massive shift towards mobile, and email marketers are pouring a lot of energy into getting the mobile experience perfect (sometimes to the detriment of the desktop experience), we note across our most recent campaigns that only 20% of teachers and school decision makers are opening emails on a mobile device.

And who, within the school, are you going to target? Lots of teachers have more than one job title, and you may find that the Head of Science in one school is also the School Trips Coordinator, or the person responsible for Health and Safety also teaches KS1. We collect data for over 103 job titles of teachers and decision makers, and this list is still growing. Make use of our extensive knowledge to ensure you are speaking to the right person.

What’s the secret?

Email marketing for education is not simple. But when you get it right, it is definitely worth it. As you’ve seen, getting it right requires a combination of both in depth knowledge of the UK education sector, and a deep understanding of email marketing. With over 20 years of experience in education and marketing, the largest education database in the UK, and an in-house design team who really understand what makes an email work, the team at School Mailings have everything you need to make your email marketing for education a success.

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