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I guess the cop out way of writing this blog would be to suggest that you give us friendly folk at School Mailings a call and we will provide you with a schools email database. But that would make for a pretty short and, frankly, selfish blog.

So let’s assume for a moment that you don’t need our data ….. but you still want to create the perfect schools email database to support your education marketing strategy.

Of course, I have to assume that you have some email addresses for this. If you don’t, give a few schools a call or download our free education data sample and ask them to supply their email address to you. They will generally be helpful and it will get you on the road to being a selling to schools master. So, whether you have five or 5,000 email addresses, I hope I can help you to make the perfect list.

Let me begin with an analogy…..

I have this friend. I’ve known him since we were kids. When we meet up, we get on well and he’s a good bloke that I have time for. The problem is this. He’s useless. If I email him to suggest meeting for dinner, watching some sport, spending time with our families or anything else, he just doesn’t reply. Ok, I know what you’re thinking – I should take a look in the mirror. Normally I would, but I know that other mutual friends get the same (non) response. It’s a difficult situation. I don’t want to lose a friendship, but I don’t like wasting time making an effort and emailing someone who isn’t going to reply. Reluctantly, I have stopped emailing now and will wait for a little more effort from his side (for those wondering why I don’t call or text him, he doesn’t own a phone of any description – but maybe that’s a blog for another time…). In effect, I have removed him from my friendship database.

Now, imagine your schools email database. You are sending campaigns out to schools that you want to work with. Some will open your email, some will click through to your website, and some will make an enquiry to you. Inevitably, some will not open your email – they will simply delete it. Now, if we are talking about creating a perfect schools email database, shouldn’t we think about this a little more? A large proportion of email addresses that you are sending to NEVER open your emails. Not opening one, two, or three emails is fine. But if you have sent 10 emails to a school and they haven’t opened a single one, why are you continuing to send them?

….. and what can we do about this?


So I have three simple steps for you to carry out here. Follow them and make huge strides in your selling to schools efforts;

1. Export the data from your last ten email campaigns to schools. Most sending platforms will allow you to export based on opens, clicks, unsubscribes and so on. They key data you need here is the non-opens, the opens and the clicks

2. Create three files with the following names

  • Non open
  • Open
  • Click

In each spreadsheet, create ten columns and paste the data into these columns from each send. So, in your non open file, you will have a column of data containing all non opens from email one, and non opens from email two, and so on. When finished, you should have three files each with ten columns of email addresses.

Next, you need to find the data that appears regularly in each of these columns. Use the following ratios

  • Non open – highlight any school that appears in all ten columns
  • Open – highlight any school that appears in seven or more columns
  • Click – highlight any school that appears in five or more columns

You can now add the schools that are highlighted into their own, new files called Non Open, Open and Click. As an aside, I know the above task requires a little Excel mastery. You can search how to do this yourself online or contact us and we can do this for you (there is a £50 admin fee per file for this task).

3. We have now created three datasets based on the behaviours of your list. The message you send to each of these datasets should be differentiated based on their behaviour. A school that keeps clicking through to your site has far more interest than one that never opens an email. So you might do the following

    • Non opens – do some fairly intensive subject line testing to find out what you can offer to entice them to open the email
    • Opens – focus on getting them to click through. More links, more prevalent links and more relevant links will all help here
    • Clicks – focus on converting them to enquirers and clients. Perhaps an enticing offer, or a free giveaway to get them deeper into your sales funnel.

Mastering these steps will help you to create a much better schools email database. Remember to repeat the task throughout the year to keep on top of your marketing.



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