You know what you want your message to schools to be… but do you really know what you want to SAY? And how, exactly, you should say it?

Copywriting for email marketing is more than simply writing a letter, or a bio of your company. It is about getting the message absolutely on point and making an impact with every single word. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right way to prompt your reader to take action.

When we create your copy, we provide so much more than a thoughtfully worded summary of your message:

  • We advise on strategy and focus.
  • We help you decide what approach will work best.
  • We help you look at your message through the eyes of teachers and school decision makers, to better understand what it is that they want to know.
  • We come to your product or service with a fresh perspective, and offer new insights.

And that’s all before we ever type a single word!

During the creation of your content, we will use our knowledge of email marketing to schools to include timely and effective calls to action, and format it to appeal specifically to email readers.

We’ll use linguistic and psychological tools to grab your reader’s attention and keep it. And we’ll make sure all of it is written in the style of your own unique brand voice.


Hi, I’m Sarah, senior copywriter here at School Mailings. I’ll work with you ensure your email copy is engaging and relevant to your audience.


emails written by our expert team achieve significantly higher click through rates.

the average optimal length for a marketing email

the average person’s attention span. If you haven’t engaged them within those 8 seconds, you aren’t going to.



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