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Ten Quick Ways to Write Better Copy for your Email Marketing Campaigns

There’s no denying that copywriting is an artform, and when budgets allow it is always worth investing in having a professional create your message for you. However, we know that isn’t always possible; with that in mind our Senior Copywriter and inhouse Word Nerd Sarah has created a cheat sheet[...]

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How to write the best subject lines for email campaigns to schools

I get asked a lot about the best subject lines for email campaigns to schools. How long should they be? Is ‘quirky’ good, or should you opt for something more straightforward? Does personalisation really make a difference? And how much of an impact does your choice make on the unsubscribe[...]

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Email Marketing to Schools Top Trends 2018

If you’re planning to market to schools, here’s a quick run-down of the latest Email Marketing to Schools Top Trends to help you plan your marketing campaigns: Which day to send emails? We hear all sorts of advice in the world of marketing to schools about which days you simply[...]

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Five things you need to know about GDPR

Here are five key things you need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means for your marketing to schools: 1. What it is The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018 and is a piece of European Union legislation.[...]

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Why do teachers go click crazy on a Monday?

There was a perceived wisdom many years ago that you should only email teachers on a Tuesday or Wednesday. There was no real basis for this other than the perception that they were too busy on a Monday to read them, and looking forward to the weekend on a Thursday[...]

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How to find and use a list of school email addresses

I’ve just turned 40. People often say that ‘Life Begins at 40.’ For me, it brought a great dose of man flu and a struggle to power my way through the various social events I had arranged to mark this auspicious occasion. Family gatherings, meals with friends and a lovely[...]

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The three types of email reader and how to target them all!

What is the main driving force behind any marketing email? Every one of our clients has a different goal when marketing to schools, but every email should have one important thing in common: The Call to Action. When I say those words, what image does it conjure in your mind?[...]

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Survive the Email Marketing Boardroom

So it’s that time of year again – new suits bought, shirts ironed, shoes polished, business clichés revised – yes, The Apprentice is back tonight! If, like us, when you’re glued to your TV every Wednesday night for the next two months you’ll no doubt be doing the same as us… wondering[...]

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Create the Right Content to Increase your Email Engagement Rates

In one of my recent diaries, I touched on the idea of how content influences click through rates in an email marketing campaign. Now, I’d like to explore how you can use this information when planning your email marketing to education strategy. In a world of busy inboxes, stuffed with[...]

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How we helped Surf Snowdonia break into the schools market

You might remember our friends, Surf Snowdonia, who recently won our coveted Star of the Month award. This outdoor adventure destination wanted to boost their profile and build their brand in local schools. The School Mailings team worked closely with them at every stage to build a really comprehensive schools[...]

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Diary of a Campaign Manager – July 2017

July is a funny month for marketing to schools – many people think the upcoming summer holidays mean schools and teachers aren’t interested in purchasing, but we know this simply isn’t the case! Running marketing campaigns to catch the teachers as they start planning for the next academic year, and[...]

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