Campaign Enhancements

We offer a number of enhancement options to really help you get the most out of your campaign. Your Email Campaign Manager will work closely with you to identify any that might benefit you and maximise the return on your campaign.

Your campaign enhancement options include:


Subject Line Testing

The first step in getting the reader to engage with your email is firstly getting them to open it. Your subject line plays a huge role in this.

We understand that committing to a subject line can sometimes be a bit daunting. That’s why subject line testing is a fantastic way to test a variety of options to see what will be most effective.

Imagine discovering that a certain subject line far outperforms another – the impact this can have on your overall campaign results should not be underestimated.

Check out our guide to creating the perfect subject line here.

Email Content Testing

This is a great way to test the content in your emails to see what will be most effective, for both this campaign and future campaigns.

An A/B test can help you to identify what engages the types of schools and teachers that you are targeting. It could be that a certain sentence or a certain colour has a huge impact on the results of your campaign.

You can test anything from email colours, the wording, the style of your calls to action, the layout of your email and more.

Targeted Marketing

A great way to increase engagement is to send slightly different email content to specifically target the different teachers or schools you are contacting.

Many of our clients have successful used targeted marketing to:

  • Promote the dates and locations of training courses or sessions in different parts of the UK
  • Promote products ranges where some are more suited to primary schools and to secondary schools
  • Send different version of the email to different types of school or teacher



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