Build your education database in five easy steps

I’ve recently had some building work done in my garden and I have to say I have a new found respect for builders – the planning, the coordination, the time management, not to mention dealing with awkward neighbours, the temperamental British weather and a nosy three year old – and they make it look so easy!

Now we all know the basis of any building work is strong foundations. And yes, here is the link – the foundations of a successful schools marketing campaign – the mailing list or education database you use creates the foundations to your whole marketing campaign.

And this really is as important as it sounds – after all what’s the point in having an amazing building if it could fall down at any time? What’s the point sending an amazing marketing campaign if your education database isn’t equally as amazing?

Build your education database in five easy steps

Now I know building foundations sounds pretty strenuous and a bit like hard work, but it’s really not! What if I say you can build your education database in five easy steps? Yes that really is all – five easy steps to get your education database right.

Here’s our quick guide building your education database:




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