Budget 2017: What it means for education suppliers


As the dust settles on the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget Speech, we’ve taken the time to give you the lowdown on how this affects education and, crucially, education suppliers.

Whilst one or two key points always tend to make the headlines following the budget, here’s a brief rundown of the main announcements.

There will be;

  • An expansion of the Teaching for Mastery of Maths programme to a further 3,000 schools
  • £40 million to train maths teachers across the country
  • A £600 Maths Premium for schools for every additional pupil who takes A-level or core maths
  • The government will be inviting proposals for new maths schools across England
  • A commitment that every secondary school pupil can study computing by tripling the number of trained computer science teachers to 12,000
  • A commitment to working with industry to create a new National Centre for Computing
  • £20 million investment in supporting FE colleges to prepare for T-levels (qualifications related to Technical subjects)
  • £30 million investment in the development of “digital skills distance-learning courses”

It’s clear that Maths is at the heart of this Budget. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised from a man nicknamed ‘spreadsheet Phil’ by his colleagues in Westminster.

Education leaders are unhappy at the lack of overall extra funding given to schools. In these times of austerity, of course, we perhaps shouldn’t expect that (as nice as it would be). However, we shouldn’t forget that education remains the third highest area of government spending, and still attracts an investment of well over £80 billion per year.

For education suppliers, the facts remain the same.

  • Schools need to procure quality products and services to function and improve
  • Suppliers who are best able to stress the benefits of their products and services are the ones who will have most success
  • A budget of over £80 billion per year gives schools, teachers and decision makers plenty of decision maker power

What next?

Read some of our useful guides now to learn more about school spending, how they manage their budgets and who has the most influence over purchasing decisions:

If you sell to schools, and want to know more about how this budget can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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