A quick guide to A/B testing

If you have embraced email as part of your marketing to education strategy (and let’s be honest, with the potential ROI it offers, why wouldn’t you?), you will have most likely considered the value of A/B testing at some point. A/B testing removes uncertainty and indecision and places control back[...]

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Develop an education marketing strategy that gets results

What’s your education marketing strategy? Do you have a long-term plan that involves content calendars and brand awareness building exercises? Or is it more of a ‘send a quick email when we can’ kind of strategy? Don’t worry if it’s the latter. You are not alone. So many marketers understand[...]

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A Guide to the UK Education System

One of the most important elements of marketing planning is to understand your customer – understand who they are, how they operate, if they’re the right target for you, who makes the spending decisions and more. Marketing to schools is no different. It’s important to understand the UK education sector,[...]

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Budget 2018: New Opportunities for Education Suppliers

As the dust settles on the Chancellor’s latest budget, we take a moment here to give a rundown on the announcements that will affect education…. and there is good news for education suppliers. Here, Michael takes a look at the key points raised; School Equipment and Maintenance Uplift The Budget[...]

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The Four Golden Rules of Selling to Schools

Would you like a share of the £86 billion that schools spend every year? Would you like to raise awareness of your product or services in 30,000 UK schools? Would you like your brand to be known by over 400,000 teachers and decision makers? If your answer is yes, then[...]

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Marketing to Academy Schools – A Quick Guide

Academy Schools are big news right now – in fact, the number of Academy Schools in England has exploded over the last eight years to 7,428. What’s more – they provide great opportunities for education suppliers. If you’re thinking of marketing to Academy Schools, it’s important to know the differences[...]

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Introducing Staff-Room…Your Bespoke Education Marketing Platform

We’re thrilled to introduce Staff-Room. Our new email sending platform, developed specifically to support your education marketing campaigns. Our team of education experts and email marketing specialists have worked closely with our developers over the last few months to create a powerful tool to allow you to create and send[...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Database of Schools

If you’re planning to purchase a database of schools, you’d be forgiven for wondering where to start! There are lots of data suppliers and options out there – it’s not only important to make sure you’re getting the data you want, but you also need to know how to get[...]

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When Is the Best Time to Email Teachers?

If I had a penny for every time someone asked, ‘when is the best time to email teachers?’, I’d be a…. Well, I’d have a bit more money! This is the most common question we’re asked by both existing and new clients who are selling to schools. And we understand[...]

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Are Results Days Good Days for Email Marketing to Schools?

Now the summer holidays are here, you might think you’ve missed your chance to market to schools until the new term in September. However, our years of experience, and some insider tips from UK teachers, tells us that there are certainly opportunities to market to schools over the summer months.[...]

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Marketing to Schools in the World of GDPR

When planning your marketing to schools activity, we know there is a huge amount to think about – How to manage your marketing activity; which schools and teachers to target; what to actually tell them; whether to phone them, email them or post something; when to send your campaigns; how[...]

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Ten Quick Ways to Write Better Copy for your Email Marketing Campaigns

There’s no denying that copywriting is an artform, and when budgets allow it is always worth investing in having a professional create your message for you. However, we know that isn’t always possible; with that in mind our Senior Copywriter and inhouse Word Nerd Sarah has created a cheat sheet[...]

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