The content of your email campaign is as important as the design. You could have the most amazing product or service, or even something revolutionary for the education market, but if your marketing doesn’t create a spark, you will find it hard to sell to schools.

The School Mailings campaign team have been working with organisations around the world for almost 20 years, helping to create content for email campaigns. Using our knowledge of the market, and content creation skills, we can copy write your email to ensure you send a campaign that will work for you.


Sending an email campaign to teachers and decision makers is just one part of the process. Great copy is crucial to ensure the email is read, and teachers are excited by what they see. We love working with clients on their copy, and are proud to say that we generate a 44% leap in click through rates where we help to create content.

Sophie Williams
Client Account Manager

Based on our analysis of the most successful emails in the last 12 months, we can identify;


The optimum number of words in a plain text email

The optimum number of words in a designed email

A typical reader will skim read your email, and decide within eight seconds whether to click through or not.

We don’t use these figures as a hard and fast rule since all campaigns differ. However, they certainly act as a helpful guide and it is important to remember that less is sometimes more when it comes to effective email copy.

How does the process work?

Prior to writing your email, we will arrange a brief telephone consultation (typically around 10-15 mins) to find out key information from you, such as;

  • Some brief background to your business and product / service / offering
  • The aims of your campaign
  • Any brand guidelines we need to consider
  • Where we can access key literature and images for your campaign
  • The style of writing you prefer

Alternatively, you can provide us with handwritten notes, email bullet points or existing literature as a starting point. With your guidance, we’ll take it from there.

Typically, we need two to three days from this point to write a first draft of your email content. Once you have had chance to review this, we’ll run a final set of changes for you before proceeding to design stage or preparing your email for send (dependent upon the service you chose).

We’d love to work with you and help you to generate more leads from your education marketing.

Call 01257 460036 or email to speak with one of our friendly campaign team.



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