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Diary of a Campaign Manager – July 2017

July is a funny month for marketing to schools – many people think the upcoming summer holidays mean schools and teachers aren’t interested in purchasing, but we know this simply isn’t the case! Running marketing campaigns to catch the teachers as they start planning for the next academic year, and[...]

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Email Marketing for Education – Getting it Right

Is email marketing for education a good investment? Absolutely! No other marketing tool works harder in terms of return on investment than email. In 2016, over 50% of UK marketers reported more than £10 return for every £1 invested in email marketing (Skip Fidura – Dot Mailer Roadshow 2017). And[...]

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Diary of a Campaign Manager – June 2017

Wow, what a busy month! I’ve been busy analysing all of our clients’ email campaigns to see how the type of email sent can impact the performance of a campaign. Take a peek at my diary from June 2017 to learn which type of emails to schools and teachers are[...]

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Email Marketing to Schools Top Trends 2017

We’ve carefully analysed all of our email marketing campaigns to schools over the last year to identify any new trends, surprising statistics and key facts. Watch our short video to get up to speed on the latest email marketing to schools trends and increase your email marketing engagement rates.    [...]

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Diary of a Campaign Manager – May 2017

Welcome to my diary! Managing email campaigns for our clients gives me a great insight into what’s happening in the world of email marketing, and means I’m privy to all the latest email marketing trends. Take a peek at my diary to get all the email marketing gossip from May 2017,[...]

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When Is The Best Time To Email Teachers?

If I had a penny for every occasion someone asked ‘when is the best time to email teachers?’ , I’d be a ….. well I might have a bit more money. This is the most common question we are asked by both existing and potential clients who are selling to schools.[...]

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Create The Perfect Schools Email Database

I guess the cop out way of writing this blog would be to suggest that you give us friendly folk at School Mailings a call and we will provide you with a schools email database. But that would make for a pretty short and, frankly, selfish blog. So let’s assume[...]

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Marketing to Schools – It’s a marathon not a sprint

Ready to start emailing schools? Get set… Go! I recently took up running. A combination of being surrounded by health conscious fitness fanatics, and a desire to take on a new challenge culminated in the rather ambitious announcement that I was going to run a 10k. I am an impatient[...]

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How Did Ray Tomlinson Change Marketing to Schools?

Ok, you probably have no idea who Ray Tomlinson is. I’ll be honest – he only came to my awareness quite recently. But he really did change the face of marketing to schools. In fact, he changed the face of marketing. Without Ray Tomlinson; You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog[...]

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Emailing Schools Generic Addresses

Making the most of your education data, especially when you have generic email addresses (that is, admin@, office@, info@ type addresses), can be one of the biggest challenges facing suppliers when managing education marketing campaigns. The two most common questions we get asked are; How can I generate great results[...]

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Selling To Schools? Read Our Window Shopper’s Guide

If you’re like me, I imagine you have taken part in the odd bout of window shopping. We usually don’t even realise we are doing it. Walking along the street, or through a shopping centre minding our own business, we suddenly find ourselves standing still staring at the window displays[...]

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What’s new in Email Marketing to Schools?

The world of email marketing is a dynamic landscape, and we work hard to make sure we keep up with the latest trends and changes to ensure that your email marketing to schools is as effective as it possibly can be. With that in mind, I attended the Dotlive Roadshow in[...]

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