Diary of a Campaign Manager – May 2017

Welcome to my diary! Managing email campaigns for our clients gives me a great insight into what’s happening in the world of email marketing, and means I’m privy to all the latest email marketing trends. Take a peek at my diary to get all the email marketing gossip from May 2017,[...]

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Hey, we’ve moved!

You know that feeling when you move house? You need to decorate, get settled in, buy all the bits and pieces you need, update your address details and more. The list goes on. Often, there is one job that gets left until the end. I’m talking about taking the time[...]

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Build your education database in five easy steps

I’ve recently had some building work done in my garden and I have to say I have a new found respect for builders – the planning, the coordination, the time management, not to mention dealing with awkward neighbours, the temperamental British weather and a nosy three year old – and[...]

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How do Schools Buy?

If, like me, you spend your days asking yourself, obsessing about how schools procure products and services, you may find this blog just the thing you need to develop your education marketing strategy. If, like me, this obsessing makes you a very disappointing dinner party guest, I can’t do much[...]

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How to build the perfect School Mailing List

So you’ve decided to sell to schools? First of all, well done, it’s a great decision! With over 30,000 schools in the UK, all spending money on facilities, learning resources, buildings and maintenance, activities, administrative supplies and more, there are fantastic opportunities for a vast range of businesses to sell[...]

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Developing an education marketing strategy that works

Is your education marketing strategy working for you? More to the point, do you even have an education marketing strategy? Don’t worry if your answer is no – you’re not alone. So many marketers can see the potential in promoting their business to the education sector, but they just don’t[...]

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When Is The Best Time To Email Teachers?

If I had a penny for every occasion someone asked ‘when is the best time to email teachers?’ , I’d be a ….. well I might have a bit more money. This is the most common question we are asked by both existing and potential clients who are selling to schools.[...]

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Create The Perfect Schools Email Database

I guess the cop out way of writing this blog would be to suggest that you give us friendly folk at School Mailings a call and we will provide you with a schools email database. But that would make for a pretty short and, frankly, selfish blog. So let’s assume[...]

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Emailing Schools – It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Ready to start emailing schools? Get set… Go! I recently took up running. A combination of being surrounded by health conscious fitness fanatics, and a desire to take on a new challenge culminated in the rather ambitious announcement that I was going to run a 10k. I am an impatient[...]

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Lets Eat Granny

Before I save Granny …. ….. you may remember I closed last week’s email by stating that you were part of a test. So let me begin this email by telling you the results. In fact it was a very simple 50/50 test I carried out, to see when you[...]

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It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

Back in the day (as I believe the trendy kids say), I used to send out weekly emails to our database of amazing clients. Depending how long our relationship has been, you may or may not remember these. Some may have described them as the inane ramblings of an email[...]

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